"A school climate that recognizes and values the inherent dignity of each individual is everyone's right. Creating such a climate is everyone's responsibility."

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Principals Corner

August 2016

Dear Neshobe Parents,

It has been an amazing learning experience with the facility project journey this summer. I have identified several jobs that I would never want to do; especially going down into a 6,000 gallon oil tank to remove sludge! Naylor & Breen and all subcontractors collaborated to make it possible for the S.O.A.R. Program to be on site when off-site options failed. They have been and are working hard to complete all projects within the buildings as soon as possible. Some of them worked the last two weekend in an attempt to have main building classrooms ready for cleaning next week. There has been a delay in some equipment arriving for work in the Brick Building, as well as the lead cleaning and testing which is required. The contractors are very aware of the date school opens and understand the challenge we are facing in having everything ready and in place on the first day of school. We are also dealing with storage space challenges with the new heating and ventilation system. Many of these areas have to be redesigned for essential storage needs only.

We have expanded our wireless access points throughout the buildings and our 1:1 chrome books are in third grade this year.

In year two of Brain Based Learning, we continue to learn more about how the brain learns, what it needs to learn, and what we need to do to ensure learning happens in a safe learning environment. There is a strong body of research based evidence showing the potential within us to make a big difference in the lives of our students. Brains change every day and teaching with brain based learning principles can and will make dramatic changes.

As we create and maintain our school and classroom communities throughout the year, our primary responsibility is building relationships with our students and their families. “Children may forget what you say, but they never will forget how you make them feel.”

We are welcoming the following new staff members:


  • Samantha Gilmore, Physical Education Teacher.
  • Tom Sarault – Speech and Language Pathologist (Yes, he has come out of retirement already.)

Tom will be working 40% and supervising

  • Kelly McCarroll – Intervention Specialist

They will be providing speech and language services to eligible students in PreK-6th grade.

  • Anita Hughes – Para Educator in Nancy Merriman’s classroom
  • Jennifer Leary – First Grade Teacher
  • Allison Dwinell – Third Grade Teacher
  • Steve Eaton – RNESU Facility Manager
  • Mike Fredette – Evening Custodian with Josh and Bonnie
  • Amy Smith – RNESU Technology Specialist at Neshobe three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



There are changes in our special education model due to the intensive needs at certain grade levels and to ensure we are able to effectively deliver services.


·       Susan Smiel – Pre School Programs

·       Samantha Blow - K and 1 

·       Andrea Eugair – 3 and 4

·       Amanda Stockwell - 2 and 5

·       Gloria Emilo - 6

We are changing the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables serving time to mornings this year starting the week of September 12.

I look forward to working with you to create a positive learning experience for every child at Neshobe School!


Happy New School Year!      ~Judi 

Neshobe School Guidance

Please contact our Guidance Counselor,
Ms. Spaulding, with any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you.