Welcome to Neshobe School

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff:

I write to make you aware of the release of Jack Sawyer, who threatened a mass shooting at Fair Haven Union High School in February, to his father's custody. Sawyer has been released with conditions of no trespass on any school property.

In preparation for this release, we have been talking with the Vermont State Police and local police to review our safety protocols and schools are reviewing their individual plans. We have had a safety assessment by law enforcement at each school and have another round planned for June. We continue to practice incident drills and evacuations in our schools and our staff is trained to respond with safety in mind, should a lockdown or evacuation be called. 

We urge you to continue to Say Something if you See Something regarding any potential threats toward our schools and our children. Working together, we can keep our students and staff safe.

Thank you,
Jeanne Collins, Superintendent

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