Update: In order to bring some clarity on the current radon levels at the school, we want to reach out to all families. The VT Dept of Health offered free radon testing to schools and we took this opportunity as we always seek ways to improve our facilities. We are in the midst of working with an expert to develop a mitigation plan for the classrooms presenting with higher levels of radon and will share that plan once it is complete. We totally acknowledge your concern and regret the worry this situation has caused. We are planning to host a Q&A forum with the VT Dept of Health and will share details as soon as possible. Please know that the VT Department of Health felt the radon levels posed no imminent risk to our students or staff and recommended the school stay open as we mitigate the higher radon levels. The Let's Talk button on our website is a great way to submit any suggestions or concerns you have. Please watch for updated information early next week.

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