Neshobe School Sign

August 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome Back to Neshobe Elementary School!  We are thrilled that we will be in-person 5 days a week this year.  Please read the following as this provides information about COVID requirements, Arrival and Dismissal, Meals, Changes in afterschool plans, Open House and Teacher Conferences. 


As we enter the new school year, we remain in the midst of the pandemic with the initial strand and now with the Delta variant.  Decisions have been made as a school district that will impact the coming school year.  Please understand that all protective measures are being put in place for the safety of our students and our staff.  

  • Masks will be required on the buses

    • Students who ride busses may be assigned seats as this increases our ability to do contact tracing

  • All staff and students are to wear masks indoors

    • Please make sure students have a mask or two readily available

  • Masks will not be required when students and staff are outdoors

  • Visitor access will be limited to appointment only and all visitors must be masked

Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Arrival and Dismissal will be similar to work the same way it worked last year.  Please see attached “Traffic Pattern” sheet for specifics.

Please note:

  • The school day begins promptly at 8:00 AM and goes until 2:35 PM for grades K-6. 

  • The school doors will be open at 7:30 AM

  • Students may not arrive prior to 7:30 AM as we cannot guarantee that an adult will be in the classroom waiting for your child until after 7:30.


Students in grades K - 2 will be eating in the cafeteria while students in grades 3 - 6 will be eating in their classroom with their classroom teachers. This allows for the gym to be open more hours in the day for PE classes.  This also allows some additional planning time for our K-2 teachers, as the students in those grades do not receive Spanish. 

All meals will, again, be free to all students this school year.

Changes in after school Plans:

If there are any changes in your child’s after school plans, please either send a note with your child or call the front office before 1:00 pm.  Please note that, for the time being, bus changes will not be allowed.

Open House and Parent Conferences:

  • Our Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 23rd from 6:00 - 7:00 pm. Details will be forthcoming.

  • Fall Parent Conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 10th and Monday, November 15th.

  • Spring Conferences will be held on Monday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 23rd.



Car arrival times:

Pre-K (AM), Kindergarten and 1st grades - please arrive between 7:30 and 7:40

Grades 2 - 6, please arrive between 7:40 and 7:50

The bus loop directly in front of the building is for BUSES ONLY.

Cars will flow to the right towards the preschool.  Cars will continue to flow BEHIND both school buildings until they reach the STOP sign near the gym doors.  PLEASE NOTE: PK students ONLY will be stopped and let out of their cars behind the brick building.  All other cars must wait in line until the PK students are safely away from traffic.

Once at the STOP sign, students will remain in their vehicles until they are signaled by an adult to exit. While no health screening is necessary at this time, we want to ensure a safe and orderly arrival.

All students must exit the vehicle on the passenger side (right) of the car.  Students must have a mask readily available to put on before entering the school building.

All other passengers must stay inside the vehicle. 

**LATE ARRIVALS (after 8:00 AM) need to pull up to the office windows and give a wave or call so we can have someone meet the student and mark them as present.


The bus loop directly in front of the brick building is for BUSES ONLY.

Parents of students in the brick building must park in any of the established parking spots in the front.  

Parents of students in the main building will follow the traffic pattern around the front of the building. Once passed the building, take a right into the rear parking lot. Park so you are not blocking incoming or outgoing traffic.  

For ALL parents, once parked, please remain in or near your car until your child’s classroom door opens and your child is dismissed from class. Remember, school is in session until 2:35 pm and teaching and learning occur up to that point.