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September 3, 2021

Dear Neshobe Families,

What a terrific first week of school!  I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the Neshobe School community.  Staff and students have spent the first few days developing classroom communities, reviewing and reteaching all expectations, and building a caring culture within the larger school community.  We have continued to focus on our three school rules:

We are Kind

We are Safe

We are Responsible

Please ask your children what they have learned this week and how they have exhibited each skill over the week. 

Some Notes from Around the School

Pre-K -

Prek 3 and 4 had our Orientation's - we are so fortunate to have these children in our programs! It's going to be a great year!  ~ Ms Michelle and Ms Shelly

 Third Grade -

Third graders have had a great start to the school year. We have enjoyed learning about different types of leaves and exploring our woods to find examples. We look forward to learning about the community we live in.

 Fourth Grade -

The past 3 days have been great! We are working on becoming a classroom community and learning more about one another. We are looking forward to working together and discovering how we can help our community grow as learners.

 Students in Mrs.Quenneville’s fourth grade are practicing being a team as they build towers! Building community through teamwork! (Photo below) 


Sixth Grade -

It is sooo  great having kids back in the building!!

We have been building our classroom community by getting to know one another.  We have also been learning the school and classroom expectations.  

Library -

It's been so wonderful to have full library classes in our library space again, and to see students so excited about the books they are checking out! I've seen students showing impressive teamwork, collaboration, and self-regulation in our first activities in the library. I'm looking forward to seeing Neshobe students demonstrate one of our PBIS expectations, "we are responsible," by taking good care of their library books.

Art -

Art - The year in art class is off to a fantastic start. Younger students are reading the picture book "Frankencrayon" and creating big "scribble monsters". Older students are beginning, or returning to, the Choice-Based Art curriculum. In a Choice-Based Art class students are responsible for choosing which art materials they use and what to make with those materials. Being responsible for those choices is both exciting and challenging. Students are embracing the challenges, having fun, stretching their creativity, and beginning to create some awesome artwork!

 In other art-related news we will begin the Square 1 Art fundraiser early this year (and in years to come). Students will now begin creating their art for Square 1 Art in September and October. Order packets should arrive in early November and, for those who place an order, products are estimated to arrive on December 9th. This change from a spring fundraiser to a fall/winter fundraiser is a better fit for the art curriculum here at Neshobe school and we hope it will be a good fit for Neshobe families as well. I will keep families updated about Square 1 Art as the year progresses. Parents who are curious about Square 1 Art can visit or email me anytime at Thank you! 

 Music -

We are excited to be able to sing together once again in Music class this year!


 Some Observations from Staff

 From a new Special Educator - 

I have noticed how wonderful the staff and students treat each other. It has been welcoming and a fun sense of excitement in the air. I have been making a point to get to know the names of the students and staff.

 From a new Interventionist -

I've been working with Donna Peduto in her kindergarten class--playing, having fun, and doing name/letter screeners with the students during Kindergarten Orientation.

They have a ton of energy, and love to play with the matchbox cars, playdough, play kitchen, and blocks! What a wonderful way to get to know the students, help them to feel comfortable in a new environment, and get some data! 

From another new Interventionist -

In one fifth grade classroom, I saw students working on a time capsule project that involved different materials. The students were incredibly supportive of each other, looking for ways to help one another with measuring and cutting. 

From a Classroom Teacher -

I have seen so much kindness in my classroom and throughout the school this week.  Students in my class showed kindness as they helped each other with projects such as our First-Day Time Capsules and our "Jazzy Journals."  Students have shown respectful listening as classmates have begun to share their Me-boxes with us. So many kind examples I could share,  a wonderful start to our school year!

Note from your School Counselors 

Why is my child so dysregulated after school? 

 From Seed and Sew - They provide tools and support to raise emotionally intelligent humans 

Know your school counseling team is here to help and support you and your family in any way we can.  Please reach out to Chris Greco or Molly Bull if you have any questions or concerns about your child's social emotional wellbeing. 

Have a wonderful long weekend. We look forward to seeing your children again on Tuesday, September 7th!


Vicki Wells Dan Raabe

Principal Assistant Principal